Updated site

Insulet made some updates to the www.myomnipodtraining.com site for existing customers...complete with a video

Just a quick note...the 888-7-GET POD number doesn't work when you hit Option 2 (if you have received a call or email about upgrading)

Better to call the re-order line to confirm that if any of you have that situation

Has anyone tried to ‘renew’ their warranty yet? I wonder what that entails…

There is no such thing.. RENEW warranty means them checking your insurance, etc, so they can sell you a new one with all deductibles, copays, etc


No YOUTUBE at work..lol but i watched it on my phone.

FYI for those of us lucky enough to have been chosen for a phone call (I was called yesterday saying my PDM ships MONDAY), the Transition line 888-7GET POD isn't the one actually shipping it. The Re-order department is the one shipping. The Transition line had no record that I had been contacted...crazy

Either way...I'll look for the PDM next week (I asked and they wont let me pay to ship it faster) haha

Hard to believe this unnecessarily convulted process might be over sort of soon! I’ll definitely look forward to my phone call. Haha

And I sure hope I’m still under warranty…don’t feel like dealing w/ insurance as I’m planning on starting the CGM soon as well.

The phone call was kind of funny...he basically admitted that his ONLY job is to tell people theirs is on the way...haha I thought about asking him to change where it gets sent but..nah..it was difficult enough to make this happen. Didn't wanna go back on the naughty list :)

p>Yeah that was my concern...warranty is up on the 16th for me. I like to think some of my complaints to BBB, etc helped..but no way to know that now.

Its going to be a tight squeeze on if I have enough pods to last til the new PDM comes. Gotta go dig all the ones out of my hiding places...work, car, etc.. Haha

I'd give you some of ours if it meant I could reorder sooner! ha ha Alas, insurance won't allow a reorder at MY convenience.

Yeah that was my point to Insulet ...I have had my boxes of new pods for almost 3 weeks now...and I wasn't about to "send back " the NEW pods to Medco as they suggested, when it was simpler for them to send me the PDM :)

Well that is AWESOME!

1:12: "There are additional features to customize alerts and reminders"


1:17 ".. and [pause] as always there are many features to ensure safe use"

Oops. Then:

1:25 "and this training will help you understand key improvements in the Omnipod system"

For anyone who doesn't understand, there have been a mounting number of complaints about the "many features to ensure safe use" and "training" to help us understand "the key improvements", given that the presenter is speaking to a bunch of diabetics, is not likely to go down well.

John Bowler