Updated version of Snap Pump now avalible

Will write more on it, but on the way to doctors appt when I got this . http://www.snappump.com/intro-page-mysnap

Oh gosh, throw all that nice design stuff in there, it really makes the thing look even better! Hope they get Novolog going soon!!!!

As an old and senile guy, I really like the current design because the print is big (no glasses required) and I can read it in bright sunlight but I can't read my phone under these conditions. Does any of this apply to the new body? Does anyone have one?? Asante was going to have the rep call me and show it to me, but so far no call. (I think I have been snapping for about a year.)


Hey Jeff,

I like many options on the snap pump just wish it had an option to hold down the exit button to turn off or allow a quick way to jump to the top menu to save button presses.
I agree with the great readability in sunlight. The new controller body besides being customizable in color and look has what I understand has better visibility and has a color screen. I’m not sure if any improvements have been made to the menu structure and interface but that’s good as is.

I actually had a user call me up to promote what they found useful about using the pump as a diabetic. She was able to answer questions I had prepared about the pump and offer me info on other pumps she had used previously. As a new user the removed step of having to fill the pump with a self injected insulin cartridge like Vibe Omnipod and Mini-meds need was a convenience that may be one of the better pros about the pump with it’s auto-priming.

Laura, you may be able to use novolog now without it being approved (not medical advice just a suggestion). But hopefully that will get approval. I know of one user here that uses apidra vials for their Snap. If you know how to open the Insulin prefill pens and if they fit you can insert them into the snap. I use Humalog so I needn’t worry. I’m just surprised Lilly was able to dominate the snap pump insulin market so completely.


Hi Mike-
I just came across this, 4 years later! Anyway, they are now defunct but I did have one for a year or two until they suddenly closed doors. I really liked the pump but it wasn’t fully developed and had a few minor problems. All in all, I would have stayed with them and hoped for a polished new model.

I eventually switched to the t-slim and have been very happy with the product and will shorty buy a new one as soon as I can.

Sorry for the super delayed response!


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Bigfoot will be using a Snap pump as the basis of their AP system. I am hoping that their system is released (and covered by Medicare) by the time I need a new pump.

Imagine my shock seeing this title in the Forum feed, before I realized it dated back to 2014. Wha–a-a-a-a–a--t??? Oh, right.

I got on the Snap about 3 months before they cratered. Imagine my shock at that too. There were a lot of smart things about it, though the occlusion alarm was optical rather than mechanical, and I found it hyper-sensitive. Hope Bigfoot does well and fixes those problems, but it has been a long time in development.


I have a feeling that a lot of Snap fans will sense a resonance with the eventual Bigfoot closed loop initial iteration due out in the next year or two. I like the concept as portrayed in a recent video.

Unfortunately, it will not minimize medical waste. I hope all these companies can take a good look at that aspect as they get to their next version.

I am thrilled to see another choice! This disease is hard enough, but when you have few or no choice in which one you can use. I like choices, so yeah for another one hitting the market, with more in that hybrid/closed loop systems.

I’m also a former Snap user turned Animas user turned T:Slim user. I only got to use my Snap for all of 3 months, though. I love my t:slim but man do I ever miss that pretty colorful pump and that simple reservoir change!

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I agree! That was a nice feature. The people there were very nice and accommodating but I remember when they came up with new features that they thought were so great that they sent a new pump to every one of their customers. Generous, but not a sound business decision. I then started to worry about the company.

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They put little video deals in their brochures. My CDE and I felt they were not going to survive financially…