Updates, videos and the new theme of my life

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New Theme of My Life
It’s a picture, take a look.

Remember me?
So it’s been a bit of a break since my last decent blog. I’ve been pretty darn sick for the past month. First, because of the combivir. That really knocked me down a couple rungs on the energy scale. It was like I just couldn’t get myself to do anything. Combine this with a wife who is on bedrest for another…

A face to an issue
When we don’t have control, what do we have? There are two sides to every fight and the sad part about this one is that side that truly mattered was silenced through the media’s attention to the few and powerful. It’s a shame with all the waste in this country, that we are in essence setting ourselves up for failure. Without an education, what do our children have?..

Something we should all watch and aspire to achieve
Neuron sent this to me in an email. I think it’s one of the most important videos I’ve ever watched. Enjoy.

SuFu, hope you’re finally feeling better. – I was just thinking that we have to do our 4-hour drive this week for a 20-minute checkup for Defend 2. But we are not getting paid mileage?? And the payment for the visit is about $100. Is that what yours is?

Thanks! I am back to normal. You should get milage for anything outside of a 70 or 100 mile radius. $100 per visit is what I have been getting.