I’m still testing randomly. And right now I’m a bit high… Nearly at 180! Have a tingly feeling in my arms and my head is pretty sluggish :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and a better update… I’m getting married in october :smiley:

congrats on the wedding! hope you’re feeling better soon.

Are we invited to the wedding? Is it in Sweden? Congratulations.

Oh, and don’t let the diagnosis of “pre-diabetic” stop you from seeking treatment…there is no such thing as “pre-diabetic”…you are either a diabetic or not…and the longer you stay in the “pre-diabetic” mode and not take insulin (preferably) to control your bg levels, the more harm you’re doing to your body.

Congrats on the engagement. Good luck with the uncooperative blood sugars

Been engaged since may :slight_smile: But now my fiance and I have decided when to get married. We were initially not planning to get married so soon after getting engaged, but we have realised it’s really the best for us to get married to never again have to worry about visa and worry about having to be apart. My fiance is a Chinese citizen and I’m Swedish so one of us would always have to renew visa regularly if not getting married now. When married my fiance will get permanent visa in Sweden either direcly or in 2 years, and it will enable me to apply Chinese green card. We know we want to spend our life together so it feels right to take the step and get married now :slight_smile:

My levels… Some days great, some days not great at all. Takes so little to rise me up to 180! My average on my meter is around 130 and i’ve been testing at random times for the past couple of weeks…

Congatulations Jennie! I wish you and your fiancee the best.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks Megha :slight_smile: