Upgrade to Gen 4 costs $399

I am 6 weeks into a gen 3 system, and learned yesterday that the gen 4 system launched. Argh!!

Dang. Surely they will upgrade you. My Omnipod insulin pump says they will upgrade 'soon' and all useres will get a new one. That is my understanding. AND that they have been promising an upgrade for two or three years. LOL. Good luck. You will love your Dex. Old or new. :)

If you ordered between Sept 1 and Oct 5, 2012, it's my understanding that they will upgrade at no charge.

I don't know if that's order date or ship date though. It's worth calling DexCom to ask.

I ordered on Aug 28th. Where is the Sept 1-Oct 5 from? I have a call in to their customer service and am waiting for a response from the rep who took the order. Fingers crossed.

That's assuming Insulet doesn't either go out of business or have to start all over again since Medtronic is suing them for patent infringement.

Wow. Hope not. 8>(

That totally sucks. At least you can replace in 1 year vs 4 years like with pumps.

A couple of dates quotes confirming the Sept 1 date.



I’ve had mine for a while, since September of last year. Can I upgrade for free?

Free upgrade was basically for those who ordered in September or October of this year. If I’m understanding you correctly your system is out of warranty now so you’d be paying full price or whatever your insurance copay is.