Upgrading to the VEO pump in Canada

Hello - I’d like to hear from anyone who’s upgraded to the new Medtronic VEO pump in Canada … I’m a little upset w/Medtronic right now as the cost of the upgrade on the Pathway Program is $1500. The current cost (with rebate) in the U.S. to upgrade to the REVEL pump is $399. The only difference between the 2 pumps is the auto-low bg suspend feature in the VEO. Is this feature really worth $1100 more? Apparently the cost of upgrade to any other pump model in Canada was always $1500 (not just with the new VEO). WHY are Canadians being asked to pay so much more? Is it a profit ratio (more U.S. customers=lower price)? And why isn’t the VEO offered in the U.S. yet? Another thing, today I called the U.S. number to ask them this and was auto-forwarded to the Canadian office. Smells fishy to me. Would love to hear thoughts on this.

I can’t answer the question why a Revel ( USA ) upgrade is $ 399 and upgrade to a Veo is $1,500 ( in Canada ) . I do know from experience as I always upgraded when possible to have paid approx. $ 400,00 ( ?) . We never went through our insurance ( Pacific Blue Cross ) for upgrades.
I can’t answer either why Health Canada has approved the Veo and FDA has not. Veo is available in Europe .
Did you actually talk to a life person , when you called the US number ? …try calling US number on a weekend …it may make a difference . Or ask your MM contact in Canada ?? Will you let us know too ?
My story I like to add : I received my Veo this week ; my 522 almost 3 years out of warranty ;unable to download CareLink . I e-mailed Pacific Blue Cross and asked , if I would qualify for an upgrade .The answer was NO …PBC did not see it important enough to pay out for a new pump . In the end both my Specialist and Medtronic contacted PBC ; received positive correspondence very promptly and pump was delivered this past week . PBC will pay $ 6,600.00 …I will pay $ 400.00

We did the Revel upgrade for $400 and I thought it was worth it. It also allowed us to move up to the bigger pump since our needs had changed. You obviously are using the cgms if you are considering the veo, correct? $1500 is a pricey upgrade. For me it would depend on my warranty. If it was going to expire in 18 months or less, I wouldn’t pay that. But it also depends on how many cgms alarms you are missing right now - if you don’t always hear the low alarm the veo could be priceless.

Veo isn’t approved by the FDA - it is a very slow process.

Might be cheaper for us to wait until Nicholas’ current pump warranty expires then (in 2013) and get another new pump then … the Veo. By the way, Medtronic has still not called me back with regards to the reason WHY the upgrade program is $1500 in Canada and $400 in the U.S. I think it their profit percentage ratio - meaning less people in Canada therefore they need to charge more to make a profit. Grrrrrrr.

I am not sure that I am a huge fan of the basal shutdown option anyway. I have a MM722 and CGM and am very pleased with them but when I get low, I don’t think the basal is generally the cause and turning it off won’t be that big of a deal. I had a hypo last summer, ended up in the ER, long story, my fault basically bolused and got distracted and didn’t eat, but turned my basal back on pretty early in the process and the doctor was like ‘don’t turn your basal back on’ and I was like ‘I turned it on 45 minutes ago in the ambulance!’ because I didn’t want to skyrocket. Maybe if a kid were involved? The more I think about it, the more I think the “artificial pancreas” is also sort of a waste of time as I think I will react much faster than the computer. Like Luke in Episode IV?

The Revel is a nice upgrade, something to consider since you have a couple years on your warranty. It gives the insulin on board right on the status screen, adds predictive alarms to the cgms, it is slightly better at picking up lows on the cgms, and you can set different alarm thresholds for different times of day. It also changes the bolus increment to .025.

To me, the Revel sounds perfect!! I have read and forgotten the features a bunch of times.