Ups and Downs

I’ve missed about 7 days of work due to Vertigo. This is the second time I’ve had it in 3 months. Instead of going to my Doctor about it this time I decided to go to the Emergency room, because the last time I had it my doctor put me on pills that had a warning that said “may cause dizziness”. Huh??? I get a pill for dizziness that may cause dizziness? How do I know if I’m getting any better? LOL. Anyway, so at the Emergency room they decide to give me a CT scan. I figured something was up when they did a second CT scan but with die this time. So the ER doctor comes in and say’s “we found a surprise on your CT scan. You’ve got a cerebral aneurism”. I said “Isn’t that dangerous?” Can be and you should make an appointment with a neurologist as soon as possible. By the way the Neurologist that I called was at the hospital that day and wanted me to make an appointment to see him in two days at his office. So I’m thinking this must be pretty serious. The office couldn’t get me in on Wednesday as planned and made an appointment for last Friday. Thursday night they called and cancelled the appointment and rescheduled for this coming Friday. Maybe it’s not as important as they initially made me believe. I do know that they said it’s small. So I’m not sure if it’s going to need surgery or not. They said I could have been born with it but I know I wasen’t because I’ve had several CT scans over my lifetime and this is they first time they’ve found one. My reaction to all of this is I’m not going to get crazy about this and worry it to death. I’m going to go on living my live normally and do what I have to do to fix this thing. Sure, I could worry about this thing bursting. Survival rate if that happens is fifty percent and they 50 percent of the people that survive them usually have life long problems from it. But a person could go nuts worrying about all that so I think I’m leaving this one in God’s hands. I’ll go to the appointments and do what I have to do.
Alright, enough about that. Had my Diabetes appt. on Saturday. Results came back today. My A1c went down from 9.4 to 7.4. My good cholesterol is up so I have to start doing aerobic excersising. My calcium is high so they want me to go in for another blood test this week to recheck it. I’m not sure what high calcium can cause. The doctor wants me to call her in a month. If my sugars are still high she wants to add insulin to the byetta and metformin that I’m already taking. I told her that was fine, just not the one that will make me gain weight. I’'ve worked too hard in the last 3 months to take off 24 LBS and I don’t want to put it back on.
So, that’s my story and now that I’ve written it all down I feel a whole lot better.


I hope that the neurologist will help you figure out how to best handle the situation. It does sound scary, but I think that you are really keeping the best attitude!!

Please keep us posted on how you are doing!

Congratulations on the lowered A1c!! That’s great!

Some potentially bad news but some definitely great news on your A1c, Kathy! Mine hasn’t budged, even after two months on Byetta. I think I know why: tonight I had pasta for dinner. I had been at 101 before dinner. Wo! 2 helpings and 2 hours later my b.sugar had soared to just over 400. Bad mistake on the diet front. So now back to the diabetic recipes. I’m my own worst enemy and my own best friend.

I like your attitude re: the neurological situation and about going on with your life. I think it’s important not to treat every potential setback as a tragedy. I read a great Greek proverb on someone here’s blog that’s apropos: “Work like you don’t need the money, dance like no one can see you, love like you’ve never been hurt.”

Good luck with the neurologist and please let know how it all turns out. BTW, I’m with you on not wanting to add insulin to the Metformin/Byetta regimen which I’m on too. No more weight gain like I got from the Glyburide and Actos I used to take.

Just to let you know Kathy I have a friend who had a cerebral aneurism and she had it removed and was fine in no time at all! I’ll keep you in my prayers I know you will be fine. Positive thinking is powerful.