Upset Tummy

For the pass week or so I have been having a very upset tummy. One day it got real bad and thought I might have ate some bad food at the mall. Two days after the incident and my tummy still hurt. I already don’t get pork and not much beef. Maybe I need to cut meat completely out of my diet just for a little while. Do you think meat could be upsetting my tummy to the point where it feels like I have a little drummer boy in my belly at all times? LOL I think meat may be the problem because I know pork was cut out of my diet when I was little due to tummy aches when I ate it. Back then I the I traded beef in for pork and recently I traded a lot of turkey products in for beef. At least I think it my tummy hope it’s not anything else like kidney or other organs down there and I’m just assuming it’s my tummy.