Uric Acid anyone?

got the results from my 24 hour urine sample. ugggggh! Too much uric acid. Anyone ever have this problem? I was told to go easy on oatmeal.Apparently, it is high in purines, which cause uric acid. I freaked the Uro out when I told him I am vegan. Uric acid is normally caused by meat.Just when I thought I was close to taming this wild horse called diabetes, it throws me left kick and stuns me. The journey continues. I hope all of you travelling the glucose highway are staying positive and having a wonderful week. If anyone has any feedback or advice on how to tackle the uric acid issue feel free to share. Peace.

I wonder if maybe since your a Vegan, then maybe some of the not so high purine foods you eat may be causing this to go high. Like red beans and Aspagus, and the other moderate ones may be raising it. I know that makes it difficult. I wonder if Vitamin C would help. And even Nuts.

I hope you can get this figured out, not only so very painful and a Pain to deal with. You take care, Debbie

The results of my latest bloodworks last January was very good…if not negative, its normal…Except for my uric acid which was very high. The normal range was 149-369…And I had 435! Doctor says to stay off processed food and canned goods(which I never have or at least avoid)… shell fish (which I am fond off), Meat innards like liver (I do not like them), Fish like tuna in oil, sardines, anchovies, herrings and salmon (I like once in a while) and nuts (which I absolutely love!).
I do not have any pains, gout or stones (thank God)…but I was advised to take lots and lots of water. Low fat food was also advised. I heard celery capsules also helps.
Hope this helps =)

Ask about allopurinol.

Thanks for all the feedback. Here is more info on Allopurinol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allopurinol