US residents pay $373 for 1 vial of Lantus; rest of developed world pays $62


Proves my point. Quoting the average cost of a thing is pointless if prices of things change by geography. I can afford a new iPhone, my wife’s family in India can not. But they live a nice upper middle-class lifestyle in India.


That $282,800 median is for the whole state of New Jersey. The median price of a home in my town is $805,500. I live in a small town.


I’m from New York. I guess I’m lucky in the sense of having a place to stay. When I was younger it wasn’t the case. I’ve moved a lot in my time. Where I live now, I’ve lived now for over 10 years, which is the longest I’ve lived anywhere in my life. But I’m not complaining. A lot of New Yorkers consider Connecticut now as an option. Lower taxes less costly for the avg home, you get more for the same amount of money you spend. I’m not talking about the Gold Coast ok, I’m saying like normal typical. You can always get the home, but ‘they’ will always make you struggle to keep it. I’ll let you fill in the blanks as to who they are. A lot of people in NYC cannot survive or keep up with the bills. I have helped some people with their bills in the past, but it really seems to be a never ending thing in this city. Eventually you have to say enough is enough, what are my better more realistic alternatives? Same goes for health insurance. If not for my job, I would have a much bigger problem with it. But I do not have dental, and have not seen a dentist in over a decade.


Wrong Kurt, with our Universal Health Care in Canada we pay a minimum monthly amount for medical services (less than $100), including hospitalization. We also have a Pharmacare system that regulates the cost of all drugs and provides free medications for low income seniors.

What the US has got to do is stop listening to all that BS propaganda from the Repukes (aka Republicans) about socialist medicine and realize that as far as healthcare goes you are a third world developing nation, unable to properly meet the health needs of all but its richest citizens.