US revealed Twins

I had to go in for an US this week, a little later than I wanted because of insurance issues, but we are having twins. I am excited because even the pregnancy was a surprise. My endo/nutritionist have limited my carb intake so that has decreased my swings although I was really swinging from stress. My OB told me that I would likely be induced or c-section 2 weeks early as they don't like to let twins go full term.

It’s rare for twins to go that long, anyway. Average is more like 36 weeks. Do you know what kind of twins you’re having yet? There’s a whole lingo you’ll learn - di/di (2 sacs, 2 placentas) and mono/di (2 sacs, shared placenta) are the most common.

My mono/di identicial twins are 9.5 months old now. I had a very atypical pregnancy (more complications than most women experience), but I’m here I’d you have any questions. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! The doc didn’t point out the placenta to me but they are in two sacs. I am worried about complications more from having a multiples pregnancy than my diabetes. I feel so lucky that technology allows me to keep my bg in near normal range. It gives me more piece of mind I guess.

That's exciting!! Congrats!

That's so exciting Kelly, I'm happy for you!

Congrats on the twins! I actually did not reduce carbs (but cut out chaos carbs) and I ate and ate and ate and took insulin, as much as I needed to take through my pump throughout my entire pregnancy. I had a good contact with another T1 who had had twins who said she put on over 85 pounds during her twin pregnancy. You cannot believe how much food you need to have healthy, decent weight twins. Many OBs and endos do not realize this about twins. You should get Barbara Lukes Book When you are Expecting Twins Triplets and Quads. Oh my was it eye opening for me. I realized that having multiples requires so much more food intake and weight gain than a singleton. My twins were born via c-section at 36w5d (they would have come later but I insisted my OB deliver then) at 7lb8oz and 6lb13oz.

congrats again. best to you. if you want specifics on diet, please do not hesitate to contact me directly