US Trial of Abbott Libre on

US Trials of the Abbott Libre system are recruiting participants at locations in: California, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina & Texas.

If you are interested in participating in trials and new ways of measuring glucose please learn more on consider the trial.

DHF's Diabetes Advocates has a post linking the Trial

Libre is a sensor based way of measuring glucose. See this piece at DiaTribe for more information.

Cool... bad news is, if you use fast-acting insulin as a treatment, you are excluded. Also, only for T2s.

Also, if you are treating your T2 diabetes with anything other than metformin and/or long-acting analogs, your excluded.

Perhaps this would be easier: Only T2's using diet, exercise, Lantus/Levimir, metformin -- in any combination -- are eligible.

If you are taking any other medication to control your diabetes, you are ineligible.

I was surprised at limiting the trial to T2s and also blinding the BG measurements from all except the researchers.

I am encouraged that this is only a two week trial. I’m hoping that means a short duration until positive conclusions may be drawn and bring this product to market ASAP. I’ve read reports that the Libre is so successful in Europe that they are limiting supply only to those already on the system. The Libre is less expensive than a CGM and serves the same realtime info need albeit sans alarms.

I look forward to using it to replace my 14x/day fingersticks.

Dave & Terry

I am excited to see trials. I think it is a very interesting device and Abbott's sensing technology was very good when they were in the CGM market. Here is hoping this is as good or better, viable as a product at volume and just the start of innovation.

As for types. My new mantras is diabetes is a patchwork quilt of metobolic disease. We all benefit from advances and we all advance together. So do the trials needed to get to market.

Oh, I'm thrilled about it too!

Just wanted to get out the cautionary information about the narrow scope of cohort to save others here from the disappointment I had.

I'm sure there are good, defend-able reasons for the limitations, so I'm not criticizing.

Super fair.

Narrow courts make it all the more important to get the word out for find that narrow group and to share the cautionary tail to spare disappointment.