Use of Garcinia Camboga

"Garcinia Cambogia: Just started & wonder others experience- note covered on Dr. OZ show & may result in lows..I've been taking about a week and have not had a problem w/lows... anyone discussed w/endocrinologist..?"

This is interesting... I don't take it, but now I'm considering it to possibly get in better control. Do you find you have better control when you take it?

I started using not to lower or control my blood sugar,though thought it may assist control if it limited fats influence. Instead started using to drop some weight...been using about 8 days now and no oblivious influence on weight yet.

Just started myself. I'm one to be very sensitive to lows when they occur, get the shakes and sweats when I go below 90... under 70 and I can barely walk. I've had my ordinary profile of highs and lows (I swing from 80 to 300 on any given day with no dietary or activity related incidents), At any rate, I'm now reacting to "highs" over 200 in a similar way to lows and cannot always be sure which way I'm running. Remedy is easy enough -- just poke my finger and test -- again.

Another thing I'm noticing is that my stomach feels more empty at meal-time. It doesn't take any more food to satisfy me, and I'm not binging or anything like that, I'm just noticing the hunger differently.