Use of music in videos

Quick question. I love all the videos that everyone has posted here at tudiabetes especially the ones who are “walking for a cure” and trying to raise funds for JDRF. My question is …Is it okay to use a song as background music for one of these videos to raise money for JDRF? Will I be breaking any copyright laws? or I’m I covered by the “Fair Use” law? Sometimes I get a little paranoid. If I would be breaking a copyright law (the way my luck runs), I would probably be the one who gets caught. Thanks for answering.

without permission, all videos that use music are subject to copyright laws.

All videos created by have requested permission to use the music, or the music has been created especially for the video.

I would not try it. Unless your complety sure. I SURE IT WOULD MAKE THE VIDEO. AND add to it . But i would rather see you raise money for jdrf. Not ! so you can get off bail. I was thinking of doing a video for our walk on sept 21. With word captions and sign laugauge and lead into world diabeties hand project. Well take care . good luck