Use of Precose

I recently had to stop using ActoPlus Met. The reason was because I have elevated Type One Macro-CPK blood levels, the doctor thinks it’s the Actos. I am currently on Metformin 1,000 mg@ breakfast, 500mg @ lunch & supper and Metformin ER 500mg @ bedtime. My fasting BG levels are rising. Early morning (4am - 8 am) between 115-136.
At bedtime they usually 94-100 range.The doctor wants me to add 25mg Precose (acarabose) at breakfast & supper and keep using the metformin. Has anyone been else been using Precose with what results? PS I will not use sulfonylurea drugs (Glipizide, Diabeta, etc.). I follow a low-carb diet, meaning 12 grams of carbs at the 3 meals per dady and no snacks. My last A1c was 6. But during the previous 3 years it has been between 5-6%.