Used BGM's

So, since I got my new pump (630G) pump, which uses a Contour Next bgm, I no longer need my two One-Touch Ultra bgm’s. Does anyone know of a place I could donate them? They both work fine, and it seems a shame to just throw them out.

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Who would want to use a meter with such low accuracy and high cost of strips? Most of us moved on from the One-Touch Ultra BGM’s years ago. It really is better to just throw them out. A Contour Next meter is truly affordable at Amazon $5.79 including free delivery to prime members.

Thanks so much for the response, CJ. Now I won’t feel guilty about tossing them!

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A few years ago I sent meters with some doctors who were going to Russia. the town was going to have exactly one meter for the whole diabetic population. I would never say there is no group who might like them. But with the current virus deal, I don’t know if anyone will accept them at this time.

Another good point, Laura. Well, I have a cousin who isn’t diabetic, but has had hypoglycemia for years and is now borderline, so I’ll give him one of the meters. And I’m tossing the other two (one mini, one paradigm-compatible.) The only thing I’m getting done lately is cleaning out my house!!!

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Many places will take boxes of strips, unopened. Check with local ADA or JDRF.
New, unused meters may also be accepted and donated to those in need.

Thanks for the response, MM1. Unfortunately, I only have about 150 test strips left, and I decided to give them and one of the meters to my cousin. I’m tossing the other two meters because they are both old and have been in constant use for at least 10 years.

I wish I was accomplishing the cleaning! My husband has been dealing with cancer, and unable to work for a good four months now, so I am not getting much done if you get my drift.

I’m so sorry to hear that, Laura. Best wishes for his recovery (and yours!)

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