USED DIABETES SUPPLIES for Type 1 Gallery Show

Hi, I'm Dana Heffern, a Type 1 Diabetic, and I've been awarded a scholarship from the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD). The scholarship will help fund a performance art piece that discusses the difficulties of living with Type 1, entitled “Antidote.” The work will be performed on the campus of Goddard College and is scheduled for the end of July, 2011.

I wanted to share this interview all of you in the TuDiabetes community

because I am looking for used diabetes supplies!

For the full interview and more about the Gallery Show, visit this LINK!

( Please Send to: D.Heffern, P.O. Box 9244, So. Burlington, Vt., 05407 )

Ginger: Dana, I know this gallery show is focused on an aspect of diabetes awareness you’re incredibly passionate about, what “fuels your fire” when it comes to raising awareness of Type 1 diabetes?

Dana: I am a Type 1 Diabetic. I belong to a community that makes up only 5% of the diabetic world. Our disease is very different from the Type 2 Diabetic epidemic that people hear about in the media. We Type 1 Diabetics have frustrations about being lumped in with people with Type 2 - simply because there is such a difference in the diseases; and therefore, such misunderstanding about us. I’m sure people with Type 2 are equally frustrated.

Ginger: So you’re creating a gallery show completely focused on Type 1 diabetes?
Dana: Yes, exactly! The theme of the show is Type 1 Diabetes. The show will include an actual dinner party set as a performance piece/ spectacle, and a performance art piece entitled “Antidote.” The experience will be an opportunity for non-diabetics to eat with people from the diabetic community. The dinner will be made up of approximately 20 performers and 10 additional guests who will participate in the dinner.

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So are you only collecting Minimed items? I saw on the corkboard on your link that it requests minimed stuff and quicksets.

Yes, minimed pump stuff, like the photo above that has all the plastic stuff. I am trying to create a 6’ x 6’ ‘wall’ of these supplies.

What about other brands of pump stuff? I saw you also wanted insulin vials.

I am only going with only Minimed stuff, since that is what I use and have been collecting. I am trying to create visual repetition in these art pieces, so a lot of the same things is what I am after. Yes, insulin vials I am collecting! I will post another photo of some of the repeated art I am making…

I have quite a few empty test strip containers, if you want them & can save more.

Wish I could attend! Congrats on your scholarship.

Gerri, Thank you, I would love them.


Hey, Congratulations on your Scholarship Dana. That’s Wonderful! I hadn’t heard of AHEAD before.

I have lots of test strip vials and syringes that I haven’t turned in to our Pharnacy yet plus a couple of Insulin vials. Great Luck on your Project “Antidote”. That is huge! :slight_smile:

Yeah! Terrie, Please send them to this address: Dana Heffern, P.O. Box 9244, South Burlington, Vt., 05407. Thank you!

Okay, will do. YW!

Hi Dana! Thank you so much for your blog. I see you will be collecting material! :slight_smile: Don’t forget to show us your pieces when they are done!

Well, I need as many used diabetes management supplies as I can get! I would greatly appreciate anything such as used test-strips, syringes, infusion sets, empty insulin bottles, reservoirs, tubing, etc.

Really, used test strips, infusion sets and syringes? You really need to take protective precaution to handle them. Also the people sending them should take precautions to make it easier for you to handle them - like using a small cleaned and dried water bottle or other containments to send their stuff.

Indeed, I will be careful. I’m working with my Endo office on this. Thanks Holger.

like using a small cleaned and dried water bottle or other containments to send their stuff. .

I don’t totally get this Holger.

I have 11 biohazard containers of syringes. I was going to send you 3 containers of syringes but alas it would probably cost more than I care to pay with the containers in the box, since they are heavy plastic. I could remove all the needles off of the syringes and put a lot more syringes in a bag instead of 3 containers. Would this be okay Dana?

Terrie, thank you again. Definitely remove the needles off of the syringes. I think that will be sufficient, but let me ask my Endocrinologist and nurse that are working with me on the project. Can I get back to you in a few days?

Ya sure. I’m in no hurry with it unless you need them fast. I am not sending strips btw, just the test strip containers and syringes.

Great! I am not in a hurry, the show is in the Summer and I plan on finishing all the art by June. I will get back to you soon.

Fine! I’ll save about 5 o 6 containers of syringes for you, take the needles off of them and put them in a bag in the box. I’ll take the rest of the containers to the Pharmacy.

I just noticed that you’re in VT across from Quebec? Not too far from me, if so. :slight_smile:

D, I was going to send you syringes (needles) removed in a plastic bottle, but It may be hard to shake them out. Let me know.