Used G6 applicators?

Why did quote him, and then post that useless diabtribe asking @Dave44 if he’d read the G6 manual? He’s very open about how he feels about the G6, and how apprehensive he is to be moved over to it.


Oh good lord. Talk about santimony. Just stick to the subjects at hand. I’m not interested in either bullying or being bullied because I am an environmentalist. I have strong opinions on issues that not so much affect me but our children and grandchildren. I will continue to fight for this however I can, and call people out who only care about themselves. That being said, let’s all just calm down and try to learn things about our disease from each other.

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You ARE sanctimonious when you post “unbelievable”. the rude one here is YOU. If others don’t want to go thru all the rigamarole that you do to get rid of inserters, perhaps you shouldn’t say “unbelievable”. Just quietly do your thing with saving the planet and stop acting like everyone else is pond scum for not doing the same.


Good thing I didn’t mention all the Apple products that have been launched off of our balcony into the marina below. He’d have a conniption.


No, I honestly mean “ unbelievable”. Your “ where they go from there is not my concern”. attitude affects every one of us and I am never going to just shut up. I’ve already explained that. But i can see you can’t move on so perhaps you should talk to someone about your conflicts. I’m not biting anymore

I’m not conflicted. I really don’t care where my trash goes.

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Personally, I have definite opinions about trash vs recycling, BUT (to put this on a practical track) in my neighborhood, the people who pick up the recycling and trash often check to see if you are putting unrecyclable stuff in the recycle bin, or hazardous waste into the trash bin, neither of which is allowed.

So, for practical reasons, I assume that my G6 applicators are hazardous/sharps waste. They go into 2-quart sharps containers that I buy on Amazon. I get ones that you can put the covers on after you get them, so I don’t have trouble getting the applicators into the containers. But you can only get 4 into each of them (with the other stuff). The openings of the county-owned sharps container bins can’t fit anything bigger.

On the other hand, any time that I have had to talk to Dexcom Tech Support, I have requested that they pass on to “whoever” that they should consider designing an applicator that is designed to be broken into pieces after use, where some pieces are a recyclable shell, and another piece is a sharp/hazardous capsule that fits easily into a sharps container.

That’s my two cents worth, after agreeing that the current design is ergonomically good, but irritating as far as disposal is concerned.

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WRONG. They are NOT considered sharps!

I think the better description is biohazard as the retracted portion of the inserter has been placed inside (and removed) from the body and could pass along communicable diseases or other toxins.

This isn’t too much different than putting sharps in a bleach bottle. I would bet that everything gets smashed up and exposed when doing it this way.

You can pass on plenty of diseases by sneezing, coughing or leaving a bit of blood on a surface that someone manages to touch with an open wound. the possibilities are endless. And now we have mosquitoes by the billions that can kill or debilitate. The G6 applicator is not a world-class danger, folks. Toss it, or encase it in concrete if that’s your bag.

In the actual daily hazard that the applicators are putting anyone in, I agree with you. BUT, as far as the rules of what constitutes hazardous waste in my county (and they are very strict, and take enforcement seriously), I have to treat them as hazardous waste, whether I agree or not. It sucks, but sometimes that’s life. :roll_eyes:

This is the argument that my county uses, and is why we are not allowed to just throw away anything considered sharps/biohazardous into the trash. It has to go into a county drop-off bin (very similar to a mail-box at the post office, but at various locations around the county). If I wanted, I could drop of the “bleach bottle” full of sharps in that bin, as long as it was sealed, and could fit through the opening, which it probably would.

And I bet you love mosquito bites, people sneezing in your face and doctors not bothering to clean up after treating someone else’s wound before working on you. That’s why there are mosquito repellents, people (hopefully) cover their mouthes when coughing and doctors wash their hands.

Give me a break.

Your comment leaves me speechless. Dave out.

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I’m using the Libre, and this is what I wish their inserter was like. I don’t think it’s as large as the Dexcom G6 inserter, but it’s still a lot of plastic and annoying to get into any sharps container (basically impossible without taking the lid off). It would be great if most of the inserter could be reused and if the needle mechanism was contained in some sort of cartridge that one would insert and then easily fit into a sharps container for disposal.

Speechless? I consider that a compliment (said in jest of course) :grinning: