Used To Be by samsmom

I know the majority of you have read this blog by samsmom. I asked her if I could repost it over on DBMN and I am happy say that she gave me the OK. It's definitely worth a reread.

"This is a reposting of a blog post by samsmom from over on TuDiabetes. I've known her for a month or so now. Her daughter is also participating in the DEFEND-2 clinical trial. She posted this blog a few days ago and I didn't comment right away. I didn't know what to say or when I did start to type, I didn't know how to say it. I did end up leaving a comment, but I didn't think that a comment did the posting justice. I asked her if I could repost it, because I want more people to see the strength that she has and what an amazing outlook on life she possesses. Reading posts like this will really make you step back and think about the good things you have in life. Yes, I have diabetes, but my son is healthy, my wife is healthy, my unborn daughter is as healthy as we can tell and we are all here. That's enough for me. I also agree with her that yes, there will be a cure in the future and if not a cure a much better way to manage the disease that resembles a cure.

Before I was Samantha and Annebelle's mom, I was Hayden's mom..."