User reviews on infusion sets

Hi! Last year I had been using the accuchek spirit for about three years and all of a sudden it quit working. My blood-sugars shot up really high like HI and I was very sick…I called Pump Support and they acted like I was crazy saying that it had to be “user error”…of course I found out this year that it was actually a recall on the infusion sets. And there is my backstory…enough time has passed I think for me to trust them again and try to go back on pump therapy, they have given me several options as to which infusion sets I want to try now and I have no idea which one to choose. My choices are rapid D, which is apparently a steel needle inside you all the time /: tender? and ultra flex. Does anyone have any suggestions on which infusion sets I should stick with?? Ha get it. Stick with.

For which pump? The infusion sets are similar across pumps but have different names. There are fewer users of AccuChek in the U.S. and I have no idea what those sets are like. If you want to look on the Minimed site and see the pics and descriptions of their sets, then I would tell you that my favorites are SofSet (I am in the minority on this one but I have never had problems with it in 10 yrs, unlike other kinds), Silhouette, and last choice, QuickSet. Problem for QuickSet, for me, is that its tape still occasionally sticks to the inserter. If you insert manually, no problem. Many other MM pumpers like the SureT which has a short steel needle. Maybe it is like your rapid D. So, up to you if you want to look at these online.

Any infusion set type can occasionally have a problem and get called back. It doesn’t happen often but that would not stop me from using my pump! There are too many choices.