Using Diluted or Undiluted Insulin?

My son is 2 years old, he was diagnosed just before turning 1, Nov. 2007. From the beginning the Dr.s have had us using diluted insulin. Every month I mix up a new bottle, 3cc diluent solution and 1cc Humalog, so it is 1/4 strength. We just made the switch last month to an insulin pump and they still have us using diluted insulin. I am just wondering how many others might be using this and what your rates and carb ratios look like. My son seems to need more insulin for his carbs. He is currently at 1 per 9. Which at first seems like a lot but then it is diluted. I am not sure how long they want us diluting his insulin. I think at first because he would need such a small amount they had us dilute it so it was easier to draw up in the syringe. But I was just wondering what others might be doing with their little ones. I am sure the older he gets it will change, but I have talked to some moms of toddlers and they don’t dilute theirs.

My son is seven months younger than yours, dx last October. We’re using diluted insulin at ten percent strength (1 cc Humalog to 9 cc diluent). I mix it every two weeks. Carb ratio is 10 diluted units (or one full unit) per 20 carbs in the first a.m. meal, 10 diluted units per 35 carbs thereafter. Seems to work pretty well and allows us to be more precise in giving him exact amounts, as in, 1.35 units.