Using up test strips like it was free

Took 5 tries to get a result. It wasn’t like I didn’t get enough blood, each time the droplet was larger.

I know where you are coming from on that one. I now use the one touch ultra 2 and it is a huge improvement. As long as the droplet is on the end of the strip, it suck the blod into the entire test area. Still, my insurance is so good but they will only pay for 100 stips per month and I really need about 150-180 (test 5-6 time daily)
I feel your pain.

i hear you, chuck! when i was first diagnosed i had to test hourly, as i was so darn ill. by the time the endo reduced my testing frequency to 7 times a day, my fingers were sore, bruised, callused and we sometimes couldn’t poke enough blood out. but chris is right, the one touch ultra is pretty good. love that meter much more than the accu check one that the hospital used on me.

Even worse…

  1. Prick finger
  2. Place blood on strip
  3. Meter shows “ERR” on screen
  4. Throw out test strip and start back at step one… sometimes numerous times.

You have probably heard this already, but the Freestyle Flash only needs a TINY droplet.

yeah, I had two. They both register pretty high.