Vaccine Trial in Germany

I had this story come up in one of my news feeds this morning, with a very poor headline:

Vaccination against type 1 diabetes may soon be available to young children

Basically, they are going to give oral insulin to children aged 6 months - 2 years if there is a family history of T1D.

Huh? I am not understanding. My understanding has always been that insulin is digested as soon as hits the stomach.

That is why we inject, no?

Yes, you are correct - WE inject because we have already developed T1D, or because it is also effective for many T2Ds. But, there are a number of studies that basically show that for those who are likely to develop T1D, ingesting insulin orally teaches the body to “downregulate ongoing destructive immune reactions” (found in Diabetes Care 28:1068-1076, 2005 via Google Search)