Variations on conversion rates

I need to get more personal data on the issue, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced different rates of conversion for protein depending on the ratios of the macronutrients. So that you would need the same amount of insulin to cover a meal in which the total calories are the same but in one the proportion of protein/fat is high, carbs low and in the other it’s the opposite?

Hi Xanthasun,

For my metabolism, as the % fat in a meal increases it throws off the TAG percentage I use for fat. It is as if I am more insulin resistant. Also the duration of the TAG has to be extended for a longer time period since fat seems to slow my digestion. The slower digestion is good in that I have less of an appetite for a longer time after the meal, but it sometimes means that I may have to shift a portion of the carb bolus into the extended TAG to stop from going hypo early in the TAG session.I haven’t noticed the same effect with protein.

Best example is the infamous Pizza Bolus, where I have to extend the TAG for 6 - 8 hours to prevent those "long after the meal" high BG.