I have been taking Vectoza for 7 weeks and the improvement in both my blood sugars and overall feeling is remarkable although there are quite a few side effects.
I would like to discuss these side effects with other Vectoza users with the hope that it will give me better insight as to what to expect

I took Victoza a few years back when it was new on the market. My side effects were mild and lasted only a short while. Unfortunately Victoza stopped working for me after a few months.

For some people the main side effect , nausea, can be quite difficult and long lasting, it has forced a lot of people to discontinue its use. That is unfortunate because it holds such promise.

It is recommended that it be introduced gradually to help prevent the worst of symptoms, I have known of people that, with doctors approval, stepped back their dosage to give them more time to adjust.

I have been using it for just over a year now to help with some weight loss and post meal spikes. And I have had great, great success with it. I had the nausea issue that many people do, like I did with Smylin. I just started at .6 and ran with it for 2 weeks instead of just 1. By the time I got to the second week, it had gone away. Second week went up to 1.2. I have not moved up to 1.8 as this dose is working.
Keep in mind I am type 1 not type 2 and am fortunate that I have an endo who is willing to try something different.
I know many have side effect issues and while I get them sometimes with new prescriptions, they usually disappear after a week or so. I don’t think I have ever stopped a new prescription due to side effects. I just realize that I have to give it and my body time to get use to it.
I sure hope you can over the side effects because I have found it a great addition to my treatment plan. Good luck and hang in there. Just take it slow and ramp up slowly.

Well Sally, you ole dog, I sincerely appreciate your input.

I have used Victoza since about 2012. The nausea went away quickly and really do not notice any other side affects. Fortunately for me. The hardest thing quite honestly was getting over the idea of giving myself an injection. That is where I find myself constantly coming back to, the emotional element of the disease. Really it is nothing. The other thing was I thought I heard (not the first time) this might help with weight loss… Nothing does.

I appreciate your response. I have been losing weight and I don’t want to
so I’m purposely eating when not hungry. MY first 7 weeks I dropped 7
lbs. I’m now on week 9.