Vegan type 1 diabetics

It is difficult being type 1. Times when I have been in the hospital, meat, eggs and cereal with milk are always thrown on my meal plate despite all my extensive protests. If I was an Orthodox Jew or Muslim, I believe they would not through ham on my plate. I feel it is very insensitive of the medical community. I live in Los Angeles County, which has the second largest vegetarian and vegan poplulation in the country. It makes a bad occurance even worse when this happens to me. Any other vegan type 1’s out there?

In the hospital I tell the doctor I want a regular menu from which I choose. Never a diabetic menu.
I ask for vegetarian substitutes for their hamburgers & write on: no bun.
I circle every vegetable in sight and write “2” so I get double.
I do eat fish and eggs and cereals, so I’m not totally vegan by LA standards!
Dietitians need to hear from us individually, however, because we’re not all the same in our choices.