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Does the meatloaf have eggs? I would love the recipe if it doesn’t! I make one now that uses Lightlife Gimme Lean with 1 carrot, I stalk celery, 1/3 onion with tomatoe sauce on top and I love it! Always looking for vegan meatloaf recipes! Great for sandwiches too!


the licencing board came down hard on Dr. Gary Fettke because of his statements on cancer and diet and was the straw that broke. They thought he was playing outside of his lane. So they imposed a blanket ban on dietary advice.

They were actually wrong. In australia, low carb has been used mainstream. As an adjunct in the treatment of cancer with chemo and radiation. There are also other studies on low carb and cancer. it’s not used instead of conventional treatment but along with. Cancer cells love glucose and not that keen on ketones


It has eggs. Sorry. I’m not vegan. I would love your recipe, though!


@mohe0001 I put the recipe on vegetarian/vegan recipes, which should show up as a recent post now? Can you put your meatloaf there too, I bet I can modify it and you made it sound so good! Thank You!


Sure I will. Can you provide the link? Never mind. I found it right away. :smiley:Vegetarian/ Vegan Recipes