Is anyone else dealing with the oh-so-lovely varicose veins? I have one behind my left knee that is just quite hideous! I’m contemplating compression stockings - has anyone used these? There are so many kinds out there, if anyone has personal experience with one of them, I’d love to hear about it!

I’ve been trying to elevate my feet for a little bit every day, which does temporarily help A LOT! Unfortunately, once I stand back up and move around, the veins return. Right now they aren’t hurting me, they just look bad, but I’m afraid as time goes on (I’m 25 weeks), they’ll get painful. I’m also on my feet a fair amount at work, which I can’t really do anything about, so that’s probably not helping. Oh the joys of pregnancy! :slight_smile:

Funny enough, I didn’t notice the damn things until well after I gave birth. (There was a cluster behind my left knee.) I also had a cluster on the outside of my right leg, which I thought was a bruise for the longest time. I didn’t notice pain during pregnancy or after. I think they have to be quite severe before that happens. In fact, you’re probably describing “spider veins” which preclude vericose veins but are by themselves harmless.

Nice legs are one of the few things I still have going for me and I wear skirts all the time. So it was the one vain (no pun) thing I’ve ever done in my life – I got injections to get rid of my spider veins. I had to wear the compression stockings for a week straight (the first two days, day and night) after each session of injections. If I couldn’t prevented having to get the treatments by wearing compression hose during pregnancy I would’ve done it. They are uncomfortable to wear under jeans or pants, but they kind of do provide relief when you’re standing or you’re retaining water. They’re fairly inexpensive and they last a long time. I was advised to put them on with gloves to avoid snags.

The joys of pregnancy indeed!

Thanks for the info! I actually am lucky enough to have both spider and varicose veins… :slight_smile: The spider ones I don’t mind, but I do notice that the varicose veins tend to hurt after I go for a walk (more so if it’s hot out). So I’m trying to take it slow…and I’m hoping things don’t worsen! Were the injections painful to get rid of the veins? I think I’ll aim for a winter pregnancy next time; I’m not sure I can handle compression stockings in the heat!

I work 12-hour shifts as a nurse, and I have at least one vein that I’d call pre-varicose… anyway, I wear knee-high compression socks to work, and they really help prevent aching and tiredness. I tried stockings and thigh-highs, but I couldn’t deal with the way they made my feet hot and caught on my pants. If your problem vein is behind your knee, these might not work for you, but in case anyone else is interested, the socks are called Core-Spun by Therafirm, and I get them from They’re really comfortable and breathable and easy to put on. That website also has lots of options for compression hose, etc. Good luck finding something that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info - I’ll be sure to check out that website. Like you mentioned, I’m not sure I could handle thigh-highs with the heat, but maybe I’ll try them on cooler days or something.