Veo - Vibe?

We are so lucky to have the choice of The Vibe or The Veo (with Enlite sensors) for our next pump - I just don't know how to choose. We are moving from a Cozmo.
Are the Dexcom G4 sensors the same as the sensors for the Dex7 - just the transmitter has changed? or are they completely new?

We have to pay OOP so its a very hard decision...

The Dexcom G4 sensors are reported to be more accurate than Dex7.

You're right - you are lucky, and I don't think you can make a 'bad' choice. Both will be great.

The primary plus for the Vibe is the color screen and being waterproof.

I'd say the advantage for MM Veo is that it's been available longer, so some may feel that makes it more reliable.

G4 is approved for 7 days, Elite for 6 days (I think). But actual usage of both can usually be extended. My guess is G4 would last longer, but you may want to get input from Enlite users. Dex7 sensors often last 10-21 days. This may impact your actual OOP cost.

See if you can arrange for a trial, or at least a hands-on demo of each.

The Veo has a low suspend feature and the Vibe does not- as I see it, that makes the Veo much more valuable.