Verio IQ Recall

I seen on onetouch's website that all verio iq meters are being recalled.

I contacted them and was given the following information.

If your BS hits over 1024 the meter will reset. (but then again if your bs is over 1024 you should know it) and yes the agent actually sent that to me.

You need to call lifescan and give them the serial number and when the new meters come out they will send you one.

here is the link to the offical recall (its in pdf format)

I found it interesting that the meter had problems at the specific number 1024 mg/dl. I found that a death was reported to the FDA because a VerioIQ malfunctioned by reporting wrong readings for blood sugars over 1024. Apparently readings over 1024 are reported as the reading "minus" 1024, and hence a blood sugar that was actually 1050 mg/dl would reported as a "low" of 26 mg/dl.

I wonder if this is the real story behind this recall. If the meter turns off that is not as dangerous as a hugely wrong reading. I use the Verio IQ, so I guess I will have to get a new one. I'm not particularly concerned, I would have to be tied up and forced to mistreat myself to have a reading over 600 mg/dl.

When I called, the agent was totally clueless. She said that there was a large backlog as they are having to supply some 90,000 meter under the recall. The death that I found reported above was also listed in the news at medpagetoday.

FYI, I just got off the phone with them and due to the large number of meters being recalled, the new meters are on backorder. They have no estimate as to when we will get our new meters.

Mike Hoskins blogged about this over at DiabetesMine. I had some email back and forth with Mike on this and found the following additional information at MedScape:

“The recall includes 1.2 million meters sold worldwide under the brand name OneTouch Verio IQ, LifeScan spokesperson David Detmers told Medscape Medical News. Of those, 90,000 are in the United States. Also recalled are 670,000 OneTouch Verio Pro meters in Europe, and 4,900 OneTouch Verio Pro + meters used in hospitals and clinics in various markets outside the United States.

Each of the 3 One Touch Verio models malfunctions a bit differently at blood glucose levels of 1024 mg/dL and higher.

  • The OneTouch Verio IQ fails to displays the standard warning message “Extreme high glucose above 600 mg/dL” and instead shuts off.
  • The OneTouch Verio Pro displays and stores an incorrect reading, which is the actual blood glucose level minus 1024 mg/dL.
  • The OneTouch Verio Pro + correctly displays the warning message but stores an incorrect reading — again, the actual blood glucose level minus 1024 mg/dL.”

So while the 90,000 Verio IQ users relatively safe here in the US, the 670,000 Verio Pro users have some serious danger of false readings.

I got my replacement meter last week, glad to have it.

I'm still waiting. When did you report it?

I just got mine as well. I still have not decided whether to return the old one or just hold onto it as a backup.

Just got mine today- I called on the 3rd day of the recall. Of course the box was smashed, the letter carrier just left it on the doorstep-it's warm and rainy here today- and good grief they could even give a few test strips or something? I got 10 strips with the kit when I first got it. It would have been a nice gesture to give us a few strips for the long wait or something. I guess I'm in a complaining mood today. Well, I have it charging and can't wait to use it- I think my old one was starting to read a little low compared to my back up meter-it never had done that before-or maybe I just have a funny batch of strips. I did do a check with the control solution on both meters and they came back good, but the old verio was suddenly reading about 20 points lower.