57214038_535ca793cf_m.jpgI sometimes suffer from bouts of vertigo. Not sure what brings it on but it usually doesn’t last more than a week. Except a few years ago just before I was diagnosed with LADA. Come to think of it that was the first time I ever had vertigo. My regular physician thinks it’s fluid in the ears from upper respiratory infections and colds. But I’ve had those in the past, pre-diabetes, and I never got vertigo. Perhaps it’s age. My mother also gets bouts of vertigo; sometime for weeks. I have a theory of my own. I notice that the vertigo gets worse when I drink large amount of coffee. This week when I got the vertigo, I quit drinking anything with caffeine and the symptoms are slowly going away. Meanwhile my hot beverage in the morning has been White tea.

Dude. Funny that you mention this! I get the same feeling and always try to ignore it… but feel so strange as its happening. I thot it was a mental thing, but I guess not.
I never asked my physician about it, but when I was younger I had MANY ear infections and had brochitis and sever asthma often. Now I regularly have fluid in my ear as well as a scarred ear drum. It could be because of that, right?

Yes, could be. I am fine now ( been off caffeine over a week ). I really hate the feeling. Like being on a ferris wheel that never stops.