Very active... What to eat

Hi Guys,

I wanted to ask everyone about what to eat when very active. I jog 6k, 4 times a week and then walk 6k each of the other 3 days. Since being diagnosed as type 2 I have cut out 90% of beer and a lot of the high carb foods but I think I’m overdoing it as I’ve lost 10lbs in the 2 months since being diagnosed.

I get frustrated because most of the food labels I read all have high carbs… What would you suggest for an active guy like myself who wants to gain that 10lbs back and get back to 160lbs, 150lbs is getting a bit to light for my liking…

Thanks in advance for your help… Paul


I was put on a diet to help me gain 5-10lbs. I also am a very active person.I was told to eat every 2 hors and have PROTIEN with each meal and snack.

Are you taking any meds? Or are you going at it through straight diet?
How does your body handle carbs? Fruits?..

Nuts always “help” me put weight on. Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, macadamias! They’re all so easy to overeat.

Hi teR,

No meds at this time but I have a Dr appt next week and still unsure if she is going to put me on them… I have to watch the carbs, pasta, rice, potatoes etc… While my fasting numbers are usually 4.5 - 5.1 (for the last week) if I eat anything with too much carbs my numbers can go 8-14 1 hour after and then back down 2 hours after…

Fruits seem to be ok, I’m eating an apple a day… Thanks, Paul

Protein bars hands down. Slow release of glucose as protein is being broken down. Love Atkins.

If you test one hour after eating an apple, you’ll have an idea of your BG spikes.

Do you think that running might be counterproductive to bulking up your muscle mass? Would you consider cutting back on your running and doing some weight training?

Start eating 200g protein/day and follow this program and I bet you can gain 10lbs of muscle mass in 3 months.

smaller portions of the carbs or protien I love peanuts/almonds as a snack now

Hi Leona,

Thanks… I did a test while eating a medium sized Macintosh apple.

Before - 4.4
1 hour after - 5.4
2 hours after - 5.1

Compare that to breakfast this morning (1 cup of Special K and 1, low carb yogurt [6 carbs + 3 sugars])

Before - 5.1
1 hour after - 11.9
2 hours after - 4.8

Do you think this is good or bad results?

Thanks, Paul

Hi Leona,

Dont these bars usually have lots of sugar/carbs?

Paul, I am on a weight reduction low carb diet, along with taking care of the diabetes. When I exercise, I go early in the AM before eating breakfast. So I will have a Slim Fast protein drink, (I swim so don’t want too much food in my stomach) This gives the boost I need in the AM before breakfast. I swim for about 90 minutes, come home and have some protein and an orange or juice, a slice of toast or maybe a muffin with peanut butter and a piece of fruit. When I have to bike, which doesn’t help my arthritis, I do that in the afternoon, because my “gym” is open at the clinic during that time…I will eat a very small lunch, and have a larger snack of a vegetables and protein…making sure that I Have something with me incase I get a low.

It’s all in YOUR body. Because this is what I do, doesn’t mean it will work for you, but it’s good to get ideas.

Protein is right, as Gerri says. Lots of meat, lots of nuts, lots of eggs and low fat milk and cheese. Also lots of green veggies.

Eat, eat, eat.