Very picky eater

my son will not eat but a select few vegetables... i've chopped them up tiny and hid them in food, i've tried doing a few at a time... nothing works...

i give him V-8 fusion/light and fruitables.... is giveing veggie/fruit juice the same as getting the nutrients he needs?

Hi Crys!

As the Mom of a VERY picky son with T1D, I would say...don't stress!. While veggies are great, there are other ways to get the same nutrients. My son will eat almost no vegetables even now, and he is 13. He will eat some fruits so we try to push those. We also give him a multi-vitamin daily to try to cover anything he is not getting in his food that day. While this is not ideal, it would be much worse to make food a fight each and every day.

I think the V-8 and fruitables are a great idea to squeeze more in.

I had a very picky eater- I made smoothies and froze them into popsicles when he was 3. You can hide spinach in them if you use frozen blueberries and blend it very smooth. I still do this for my 10 and 13 year old, they don't know. I am not sure how many vitamins are in those products, but of course the more fresh, whole foods we can convince our kids to eat the better! You may also try zuchinni carrot nut muffins (my kids do hate nuts in muffins, though) and shockingly the family LOVED spinach souffle crepes!

I have the same problem with my 7 year old. I do pretty much the same thing Daneen did, only I also give Eric yogurt smoothies with fruit in them. He won't eat ANY fruits or veggies, aside from apple slices, but he will drink those. I sometimes also bake cakes/cupcakes with cooked, mashed butternut squash — use a mix, and substitute a cup (or more, especially in Devils Food cake mixes which tend to taste a bit acid) of cooked squash for the oil. The squash makes the cake beautifully moist and the child has no idea it's there. And, of course, he's beyond willing to eat it because it is CAKE! The squash adds about 15% to the carb count of each slice, but it's worth the trade-off.