Vibe or Ping?

I have researched both the Vibe and Ping but am still caught in between the two. I LOVE the idea of being able to keep my pump inside my bra and using a remote to bolus, but am wondering if there are important upgrades with the Vibe that I might want. If you have experience with both, can you please give me your insights? Thank you!

I switched from my old MM522 to a vibe in November. The Ping was never available in Europe but as far as I am aware, the pumps are pretty similar (a couple of minor changes to the menus only). The big difference is that the Vibe acts as a receiver for the Dexcom G4 CGM system so you don't need to carry a separate receiver. However, there is no remote bolus system on the vibe.

If you are a Dexcom user (or a wannabe Dexcom user) and prefer not to carry around the extra bit of kit, then the Vibe makes sense. If not, and you find the remote bolus useful, there's not much point in switching.

Personally, I find the menu system on the Animas pump to be a PITA - the MM was MUCH simpler to use - but the Dexcom makes it worthwhile. Miles better than MM's CGMS.


What is a PITA?

Pain in the *ss!

Functionality wise, as an insulin pump the Ping and the Vibe are pretty much identical with the exception that the Vibe supports the use of the CGM without a separate Dex remote.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you go with the Vibe, you do not get the Dex remote or the Ping remote. The only screen you have will be on the Vibe itself, which means that you'll have to constantly be pulling it out to look at the trending information from the CGM.

If you're planning on using locations that aren't convenient to access (Thigh, Bra, etc.) then it is definitely worth taking into account. :)

(I myself am a Ping user, and I love the ability to do a remote bolus.)

Also if you go with the Ping, you can get the Dexcom as a separate device which comes with a nicer remote (nicer display, etc.)

In the end, go with what feels right.

Thanks so much Richmatik. I really do like the idea of a remote as well. It's awkward to be pulling your pump out of your bra. LOL

Ohhhh... lol

I can't say that I know from experience because that would be a bit awkward... but I'll take your word for it! Haha. :)

I have been trying to curb my TV tendencies (LOL) and wear my pump on a belt clip.

My old MM522 had a primitive remote control sytem that was pretty useless, so I have always just pulled out the pump for boluses and to look at the CGM reading with the old MM Sof-sensors, so my routine hasn't really changed with the Vibe. I find the Vibe screeen perfectly adequate for the CGM readout.

Given the accuracy of the integrated CGM, I really appreciate the freedom of not having to carry around ANY extra pieces of kit - at work there's a bag of emergency spares and a meter but I keep them in my office. For most of the time, everything I need is physically attached, and I don't have to worry about losing it.

As a self-funder I also have to take into consideration the additional cost of a stand-alone receiver.