The instructions say the active substance liragutide helps the body reduce sugar level only when blood sugar is too high. it also slows the food passage through your stomach.

As to the first bit over the two days I have been using it my highest blood sugar reading has been 10.2 and my lowest 2.9 at the moment I seem to be stuck around 8.5, I know it is early days and the drug has barely began to work and I am on the lowest dosage but i am looking for ward to making progress.

The second claim about food passage seems to be working I do not feel so hungry but it has been a day and a half since I needed to go to the toilet, the other side effect I have noticed is sometimes I seem to be how can I explain it fuzzy headed if you know what I mean here but not here almost like out of body experiences I have read about stupid I know but there have been times over the past two days when I seemed to drift off somewhere else.

The additional pricking of the finger for blood tests and injection is a choar but it has to be done, the wife and daughter thought I was ignoring them yesterday but I was not I was in my own little world not aware of them talking too me.

I am looking forward to loosing weight I am 123 kilos not sure about metric but I am over 19 stone and that takes it's toll I am very unactive around the house getting up and down the stairs some days is a real effort, felt sorry for myself far too long have ot pick myself up brush myelf off and make a new start well that is the plan in my head but is it me or the alternative me saying this, it can get a bit confussing sometimes.

I even cut my finger opening my pill tray yesterday and it still stings what a wasser I have become

I’m very interested in your experience on Victoza. I’ve been on Byetta for about a year and a half. Byetta is the first GLP-1 analog. If Victoza behaves like Byetta, it will help your body secret insulin in response to eating. In itself, it won’t help you respond to high fasting blood sugars. The second effect is the reduced hunger and slowed stomach emptying. I have found that with Byetta, the best diet was to eat 6 small meals a day and to eat just a measured amount of carbs in my Byetta meals of about 20g. You may find a similar strategy helpful as well, with each of your meals eating just a measured amount of carbs to enable the GLP-1 analog to activate some insulin secretion.

Thnanks for your information, nice to know others out there all eating at the same table