Victoza Question

I am just starting Victoza, and my Doctor prescribed me 0.6 for 2 months. Will this help decrease my BS numbers? I am not on any other diabetes medications.

Yes, it will help to reduce your BS/BG numbers. Normally the first drug is metformin, the doctor must have had a reason to start you on Victoza first.

Diet is also very important. Some say that diet is 80% and drugs and exercise 20%. do you have a BG meter to test your BG before and after meals? This is to see if the foods you eat aren’t sending the BG too high.


This gives a simple overview to how it works for me. The more carbs I eat, the more carbs I want. They don’t give up easy and it’s biochemical

more info on low carb

what to expect the first week, besides being hungry for the first 2 days, then it stops

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