Victoza update

Well, I’ve been on Victoza for a little over a month…well, not exactly. I had to quit using it for a few days here and there. I had SEVERE vomiting after the first day of taking the lowest dose (.6). I tried it again every night for 3 more days, and again, severe vomiting. I went off all meds for a day. Then, started everything (metformin, Amaryl, and Victoza) again. Again, after 3 days, vomiting. I thought I would just have to quit the Victoza, although my numbers are better than they ever have been. So, I tried something different. I started taking it in the mornings, and only every other morning. I have dawn phenomenon (and was averaging between 200-240) and this Victoza took me into the 150 range in the mornings. I also added generic Tagamet (cimetidine) for the stomach upset. I don’t know, but I’m going to say it’s working. I haven’t vomited in almost 2 weeks, and the nausea is so much better. I upped my dose to 1.2 (which I should have upped after 1 week, but couldn’t), and so far so good. However, I think I will have to stop the Amaryl, or cut it down to once a day instead of twice, as my numbers are incredibly low now. I woke this a.m. to 122, and then after lunch, popcorn (and yes, a Payday candy bar) at the movies, I came home and was at 57. Drank some coke to bring it to 72. I have lost 6 lbs over the month. I do feel full most all of the time. Eating a lot of soup, that was easier to vomit back up (sorry to be gross). I notice you have to eat small meals. I am very happy with the way my sugars are going. Two months ago my A1C was 10.3. Five months ago it was 13.1. I am hopeful, when I have my bloodwork done again in April, I will be in the 8.0 range. Maybe lower. Thank you Victoza!

Wowzers! I guess sometimes we have to Play Doctor with ourselves. You sure were patient with your throwing up, I would have been don’t with the meds.

I hope all this continues, and if with out the Amaryl and with the Victoza your doing good, then you should let your dr know and stick with it.

Wow Popcorn and a Payday, and woopsie down to 57, I wish I could do that:) lol

Wishes for you to continue to feel good:) and a Lower A1c too:) Debbie

Hey Debbie,
Well, today I didn’t take the Amaryl this morning, just the metformin and the Victoza. Have to admit, I didn’t feel too swift most of the day. Had soup for breakfast, and mac n cheese (about 7 bites) for lunch. That’s it. Got home after work, I was at 81. Having breakfast for dinner. 1 egg, 2 strip of bacon, a spoonful of hashbrowns and 1 biscuit. We’ll see how I do in the a.m. I will take the amaryl tonight with the metformin though. I have that dawn phenom and don’t want the higher numbers. I was 158 when I woke this a.m. We had steak, shrimp, baked potato and salad for dinner. I didn’t eat very much and no snack (I seem to do better in the mornings if I eat a little something before bed…like a fudsicle…60 cals, no fat) before bed. Are you trying Victoza, too? If so, how’s it doing for you. Yes, I have stuck with it…though I was tempted to stop. Not entirely sure the throwing up was connected. Cheers to you, too Debbie!