Video- Timing is Everything.. from Mannkind Website

This is the first time I was made aware of the video.
I believe this explanation is the best I have heard on how Glucose interacts within the body and how Timing of Insulin is so critical to success in Diabetes control...

What video?

Sorry about that, I actually found it first on WEBMD website under Diabetes-Afrezza., called Timing is everything, video made originally by Mannkind.

Clare - Thanks for posting the video link.

As PWDs we lack the rush of first phase insulin and its beneficial effect of turning off liver sugar after eating. This makes our job of dosing sub-q insulin that much harder.

I'm highly interested in Afrezza, but am concerned with possible detrimental side effects on my lungs. Here's a longer time frame injectable insulin product that transform existing rapid acting insulin analogs into "ultra-rapid acting" insulin. This product doesn't appear to be anywhere near a perceptible delivery time-frame.

I sometimes wonder whether reading about the "future of diabetes treatment" creates hope or despair!