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On March 31, 2014 our member Brett Dunlap had a live chat with FDA's Courtney Lias Ph.D, Director of Chemistry and Toxicology Devices concerning the new proposed FDA guidelines on glucose meter standards.

Sadly, current meter standards only require +/- 20% accuracy and meters are only evaluated once when they are approved. For us as patients this can mean that we are making daily decisions about what to eat and how much insulin to dose based on meter readings that may have large errors. These errors place us in daily danger and prevent us from achieving the tight control that really protect us against complications.

Please go to the FDA Patient Webinar Live Chat and view the discussion with Brett Dunlap and the FDA. And then please take the time to visit and learn how you can make your voice heard, and please do so before the May 7th deadline when comments close on this new guidelines.