Vintage news story on an insulin pump

This was taken from a news story in 1986 about an implantable insulin pump.

While your at it, check out this vintage insulin pump:
7156-lee_fig1.jpg (27.6 KB)

That’s a completely fascinating moment in history. Thanks for sharing.

These were the first pumps I heard about in the 90s, actually, so when my endo first started talking about pumping in '98, I was completely creeped out. I didn’t know that implantable wasn’t the standard. I just knew I didn’t want a hockey puck in me. laughs

Wow. The most surprising thing to me is the news reporter’s assertion that there are “probably a million” people with diabetes in the country. Oh my, were estimates of the prevalence of diabetes really that far off 20 years ago?

I wonder what happened with that thing - how many people actually walked around with it inside them? And for how long?

Old article about insulin pumps from 1978:,5288086&dq=

Wow. I’m so thankful technology has changed throughout the years. That was one HUGE hockey puck.

Amen lady in the red blouse… it is BIG!