Virtual FFL 2020 Orlando question

I understand that the FFL Orlando conference is going virtual and is FREE.

Just wondering does anyone know if these will be recorded? I have to work during parts of the sessions and I hate to take off work if I can just watch the replay. Mainly interested in tech stuff and loop stuff .

Never ever been before. Looks interesting.

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I don’t know the answer to your question, Brad, but I suspect that these sessions will be recorded and available beyond the actual session times.

Your post prompted me to sign up for this conference. I’ve had my eye on this conference for years now. At first I didn’t think attending as an adult was appropriate but then learned that adults with diabetes like me are more than welcome. In recent years I was discouraged by the travel distance, expense, and attending a conference in Florida in the heat of summer. The whole Disney scene is not my thing.

A virtual conference actually suits me well. I’ll miss the in-person face-to-face benefits but I don’t have to get on an airplane and pay for a hotel room. I made a donation to them because I think this organization has made a huge contribution to our community over the years. Thanks for calling my attention to this opportunity!

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Cool beans, Brad. Thanks for the heads up. Virtual conferences have become very fun in previous months.


It appears as if they are using GoToWebinar which DOES have the capability to record and post sessions for later viewing. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee that FFL will do that… I expect that they will answer that soon of their FAQ, but are probably scrambling to pull this all together at the moment.

Good luck