Virtual humans could improve conversations at the doctor's office


Ohh we need much more empathy from our healthcare providers!

Last Monday we had our visit with my son’s endocrinologist, with him we have a very good friendship, but regarding diabetes management issues, we feel that we do not learn much from him. However, always empathic and willing to listen to changes and our aggressive style of handling T1.

On the other hand, the diabetes educator who lives with T1 shows no interest in understanding why we do what we do and always looks at the 220 or 60 that happened 7 days ago. All the results are classified as good or bad, and although my son is still a minor, he is old enough to talk to him and look for ways to earn his trust.

Hopefully, this type of interventions for health professionals help to improve communication and patients feel the confidence to talk with them about their fears, weaknesses, and needs.


Wow! As a senior citizen, I find this awful. If you have to learn empathy from a Machine, I am curious about your core being as a member of the human race. But I guess it was inevitable in the race to codify everything–including the human soul…Yecch…

I also guess that if it works, it should be tried. I just hope I don’t ever have to be treated by such a shell of humanity myself…

I understand the difficulty with your son and the medical community. Many, many of us have spent too much time Teaching our medical people about diabetes and how to live well with it. I can’t tell you how many people I have met here on TuD who dutifully see their doc to get their prescriptions renewed and expect nothing more—ever…Good Luck…