Virtual Santa Hats for donations to TuDiabetes

This started on Twitter:

Jaimie Hernandez
, one of our members, can do a Santa Hat for your Twitter or your TuDiabetes member image. She’s collecting donations for $1.50 per hat. Follow her in Twitter or add her as a friend in TuDiabetes for details.

Thanks so much for doing this, Jaime!!

Note: We embrace the diversity of our membership and acknowledge that many of you may chose not to do this for religious or cultural reasons.

You can email a picture to :slight_smile:

You can have an awesome Avatar like me!

VERY cool post about Jaimie’s idea from a person that followed her on Twitter:

This campaign has now raised more than $200!!! Thanks to everyone who has contributed and VERY SPECIALLY, thanks to JAIMIE!!!

I think this sets an incredible precedent as to the kinds of things that can be accomplished, even through micro-donations.


Update: Jaimie has raised more than $300!!! I cannot imagine how many hats she must have done!!!

there will bemore I am waiting for mine:-)

Jamie would it be hard to do a Hanukkah Hat maybe just blue instead of the red so its blue and white??
I love the hats I think its an awesome idea!!!