Visceral Adiposity!

‘Does my bum look big in this?’ In terms of your health, the right answer might be, ‘Well it looks bigger than your belly!’ It’s thought that body shape is a very potent indicator of susceptibility to diseases like heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, and it’s better to be pear-shaped than apple-shaped. Pear shaped people put on weight around their hips, bottoms and thighs, whereas apple shaped people have bigger waists than hips – beer bellies and muffin tops are the things to watch out for!

I don’t really fall into either category as I’m relatively slim, but I suspect if I wasn’t as active as I am or careful with my diet I would tend towards being apple shaped. You can find out your body shape by measuring your waist at its narrowest point, then your hips about three inches below your pelvic bone. Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement to get your waist-to-hip ratio (WHR). If the answer is higher than 0.80 for women, or 1.0 for men , then you are apple shaped. My WHR is about 0.94 which means I am a pear!

Oh! View with animosity
Visceral adiposity!
One of Nature’s great monstrosities
That must not be ignored!
For central flesh viscosity
With variable velocity
Is such a vile atrocity
You’ll wish for it no more!

If your hips are fatter
Than your waist, it doesn’t matter,
But if in your case it’s the latter
Then you need to watch your weight!
If you’ve got a big behind,
Mother Nature has been kind,
And sometimes you will find
That it’s better to go pear-shaped!

Squating made my butt bigger. I hope that makes me healthier.