Visiting the endocrinologist - my PDM


@john59 Absolutely!


What I hate is when they ask why my BG was high last Friday at 4 pm…i’M LIKE, GEE i DONT KNOW…


I don’t have an endo. I am seeing a GP. He asks what is your current insulin dose. I say about X units of A and about Y units of B, a day (Depending on the position of the stars). He writes it down and that’s the end of the conversation. I like it that way!


Mine responds to trends more, has never askes about highs or lows per say more like you are running high in the morning’s or at night or need to work on meal time doses and of course need to reduce carbs. All of which I normally know but it makes him feel like he’s involved in my care.


If your not going to part with the pump you may as well stay home .


You lost me Tony. What on earth do you mean? And who was that directed at?


I am dumbfounded that anyone would have a problem turning over the pump - speechless

Please do not consider it a personal attack on anyone


I didn’t consider that you were attacking anyone. Just wondering who u were speaking to.


Why would I want to disconnect my pump, with tubing dangling and hand it over to someone who walks out of the room with it for 15 minutes or more. Been there; done that. I DO NOT LIKE DOING THAT.


My doc is totally happy with the printed reports I give him.


It is a waste of my time. What are they going to see on my pump? That I take different amounts of insulin all throughout the day and that I have different basal rates?

It serves no purpose, other than to take time away from discussion about topics that I would rather be talking about in the very brief 20-30 minutes of time we have for the appointment.

If I give them the pump, they will look at it and they will waste time with it.


All that is in the reports I give my doc, which is the thing he wants to see the most, each visit.


I’m amazed again at the many forms YDMV can take. Never occurred to me to be particularly bothered by this. Maybe I’m unusual but over the last 15 years since I’ve actually been able to see an endo specialist I’ve always had a collaborative and friendly relationship with them. To me it’s just routine record-keeping. If I have a problem where a look at my last couple of weeks’ readings is useful, we look at them, otherwise not. Sometimes it has been quite helpful; mostly it doesn’t come up. Most recent stuff has been around exploring off-label options: pumping Fiasp, Jardiance. Had a bit of back-and-forth about Afrezza, which she’s resistant to, but if I really made an issue of it I’m sure she’d ok it. But feeling protectvie/possessive about my pump and my numbers has never even occurred to me.

Not saying anyone else is wrong if they do, just continually amazed at how differently we experience having the same condition.


Might add by way of historical perspective that back when I was on MDI, especially back in the dark ages of R/N, I absolutely sucked at the record-keeping they wanted you to do. I remember getting a lot of guff about that, suddenly trying to be really good the last week before my appointments, all that. I particularly remember the little record booklets they sent me home with when I was first dx’d, which had pix of healthy oldsters riding bikes. Actually, the packaging for about everything they gave me had pix of healthy oldsters doing healthy activities, because T1 (“juvenile” it was still called) kinda just wasn’t common enough, so it was all aimed at T2, and elderly T2 at that. “Oh, so I have Old Farts Disease,” I used to think, being young (20s) and arrogant. Of course now I am one of those old geezers on a bike. But anyway that’s one of the things I really like about having devices that do all that tedious record-keeping for you, so maybe why I don’t mind so much about having my endo be able to pull it off the pump instead of me trying to keep track of it with my little pencil and booklet.


I have no issue with them seeing any records, I can always ignore what they say if I don’t like it. I liked any input my old endo had as she was type 1, the PA was type 1 and you could ask them questions about how often have you knocked off your pod when you wear it on your leg for example. It was great because they both had experience!

I have had no issues with them looking at or downloading info. My old endo would download onto tidepool to look at it so I was used to handing over my pump. But they never tried to change anything. They would give it back as soon as it was downloaded and then they might give suggestions about sometimes maybe when you do this, you might solve it by doing this etc.

What I had an issue with was the new endo, who is very nice, but I had supplied copies of the readings and she was looking through my pump and said I think you need a lower insulin carb ration in the early afternoon and started to change it! But I immediately spoke up and said please don’t do any changes, let me as it controls everything and I need to know what’s on it. She apologized and said she understood and handed it back.

I still really like her, I still will show her data, and I might still hand her my pump when asked. I am hoping she made a note about not changing anything. But if she does try again, I will just say again please don’t change anything, I will make any changes, it controls too much to have someone else do that.


Wow, that wouldn’t go over with me, either! I don’t think I’d let her get her mitts on my pump ever again.


I give the pdm and cgm now but before I would say "I left it in the car "until one day the beeps started happening from my bag. I feigned complete surprise, LOL. Now I do give them up. Maybe they have something to add. They ask before they change my settings. I have my old settings if I do not agree. It does feel weird but many patients lie or generally are misremembering trends


Thank you for all of the replies! As always, sharing our concerns is a consistent reminder that each diabetic is an individual, but someone somewhere shares your personal experiences or sentiments. Thanks! :grinning:


You could ask your endo what reports she wants and bring those to appointments. My endo’s tech takes my glucose meter and prints those out for her endo. My endo has access to pump/CGM data online.

I was printing reports for my previous endo. I often felt like I was under attack.


Under attack how? For your numbers, are the fact that you were required to provide reports?