Visiting the endocrinologist - my PDM


I am really in the minority here. I see my endocrinologist every 3-4 months and I have a wonderful nurse, certified diabetic educator, who works at my internal medicine office. Whenever I have concerns I upload my data (tandem t:connect), let the nurse know, she reviews it, gives advice, and then I change settings according to her recommendations. When I go to the endocrinologist, I print 2-3 weeks of data (current settings, logbook, CGM and BG trends, and whatever else I think is important). She reviews it, discusses recommendations, and she does like to change the settings while I am there. She does not take any of my equipment out of the room. I then followup any changes with CDE because I like that she can review my data through t:connect. Even though in different offices, they communicate via EMR. This works great for me. Jane


I don’t pump so the only thing I have to share is my Dexcom. My Endo is on my shared list of people so the nurse just downloads the reports from Clarity. I am managing my numbers very well so my Endo never tried to meddle with my choices. He’s very trusting in me and I so appreciate that.
Sorry, some of you guys have issues. It makes the disease so much more difficult to control when you and your doc are not on the same trust level.
Stay well.


Just a thought. I have Medicare advantage with Kaiser. Which means all my history is posted in their system. All my visits test, falls and fails. Actually I like that.