Visual changes are HAPPENING!

Hello TuD member!

As many of you know, last June our forum was acquired by Beyond Type 1; they have always admired and valued the support this forum provides to the diabetes community. With that in mind, they are committed to making the necessary updates to make sure this forum will stay up to date and current. This week we started to transition to what will be our new look!

NO CHANGES will happen to the functionality of the site; this is NOT a migration process, we are only updating our branding to reflect Beyond Type 1 personality. What you see TODAY can still change, we are working on the backend. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

We are excited to present you with our new look, and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Thank you for your support,


I like the new look of the TuD web pages. I appreciate that you and Thor communicated with the community directly on a user thread that did not like the early iterations. Your explanation of the process you’re dealing with helps.


Waay too much Heavy, depressing Black to greet one on the opening page—Not a look I care for at all…Actually, when I go back to the front page, it looks like a tacky business page. …Judith in Portland


I think that is a fair point. On the forum page, turning the column header to a black background with white lettering causes (IMHO) an unnatural focus on the column headers. Which in reality need very little attention. It is overbearing and distracting.

From a focus perspective, trying to glance from the white on black header to the black on white posts is not an entirely pleasant visual experience. Perhaps similar to if you have ever seen red and blue mixed together on the screen (like BLUE text on a RED background) - not fun to look at and can go so far as to be visually uncomfortable depending on your vision situation.


We appreciate your feedback!

I rarely start with the TuD home page that contains chat. I almost always start with forum page. I agree with @Judith_in_Portland that the TuD home page, with all the large patches of black is depressing.


I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s feedback on the site changes. It’s nice to have so much involvement in the redecorating to make the space comfortable for the community.

I like to move my furniture around every once in a while - make the place seem new and exciting. Coming to the site each day to find new refinements has given me that sense of excitement. At first I missed the color scheme that I had grown used to after so many years, but I’m finding the new one jazzy and fun. I like the new font as well, although it’s not new, just new to us.

I find the black on the home page bold and daring. :slight_smile:

Thanks for making the updates!

After reading on the new look forum for a few days, I find the new font easy to read, even for these aging eyes! Nice choice of font.

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i dont like that everthing is in caps. its considered as yelling. and every time i read a topic title, etc i feel like im being yelled at. even in the chatroom our names are in caps. i would have it the way it was, lower case


That is something we are working on. Thanks for your patience.

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ok thanks :slight_smile:

I appreciate that new visuals are being tried. We never know when something new might be better. But there’s too much black for me. It feels negative and oppressive–not friendly. And the “all caps” is too aggressive for me. It distracts from the content. Thank you for reading my feedback.

Again, I do appreciate the efforts involved.

Best wishes to all,


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Blocky and high contrast, so functional and no doubt very welcome for some. I have to sit a meter farther back from my screen than I used to.

Many thanks for this: “NO CHANGES will happen to the functionality of the site; this is NOT a migration process”

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Thank you for listening to many of your users and reversing the decision to use all caps on the main Forum page. I think it is much more readable now.



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