Vitrectomy update: surgery date Feb 9th

The night before and day of surgery, I was actually really calm and somewhat excited about the fact that all the crap in my eye was going to be gone and I would be able to see. I hadn't had a clear vision field in 3 weeks. My friends and my family were more freaked out than me.

The surgery was conscious sedation so a suspended animation feeling of sorts. Felt well enough to hit the Starbucks drive thru on way home. I was patched and taped from earth to saturn and had to stay patched and taped all night. Had to sleep sitting up and half of head was numb. Bit of a headache but nothing excessive. Tape feeling on the skin was the worst part and my buns kept falling asleep in the sitting upright position so not much sleep that first night.

Post op day 1: to MD for patch removal. My spouse and best friend were staring intently as if it was the unveiling of the new nose or something. lol Eye terribly dilated and sensitive to light.Two bottles of drops to use 4x a day (one antibiotic and one steroid) and one bottle of drops to use 2x a day (for dilation.) Supposed to try using eye during the day but must keep it patched at night for protection. Upset stomach due to changes in equilibrium from having only one eye dilated so still kept patch on most of day. Entire sclera bright red. Shiner starting on lower lid. Scratchy "sand under the eyelid" feeling most of day. Raging headache tonight but no pain in eye. Slept VERY well ALL night, I think just because I hadn't really slept in 36 hours.

Post op day 2: left message for doctor to return call about why eye needs to stay dilated because wearing the patch all the time kind of defeats the purpose, but due to the nausea, I have to keep the patch on. Doc called back and I got the green light to stop the dilating drops. He esplained the eye is generally kept dilated to decrease spasms in the ciliary body, or in non medical terminology, to keep the eye relaxed and more comfortable. So now just using the two drops 4x a day. I look like a I took a pretty good beating. But all the floaters, water ripples, and cobwebs are gone. The vision field is clear, but blurry due to the extended dilation that will remain in effect until my one week post op visit. Even without me using the dilating drops, the meds I was given in surgery will keep the eye pretty well dilated, but not so much that I have the nausea. That has resolved, thankfully. Took a bath today. No water to touch eye, so I felt like a 5 year old in the tub pouring water over my head with a big cup! I was awake for about 3 hours and then was so exhausted I had to lie down for a few hours. No pain. Eye still red. Shiner now very apparent. Scratchy feeling not as bad. More itchy feeling now. Moved about a bit more today. Restricted from bending over. I can feel the increased eye pressure when I bend over. You'd be surprised at how many times you bend over in a day. I never realized until I couldn't do it anymore. Also restricted from lifting anything heavier than a gallon water jug. Was the worst night as far as sleeping goes. Had terrible nightmares and felt anxious all night. At 2am, I finally took something to help me relax and sleep but I was still up at 6:30 with my spouse.

Post op day 3: I am hoping for the tired bug to hit here soon. Been awake since 6:30 and my body just feels ravaged. My eye feels weak. My lid feels droopy.

I will try to keep updating but in all honesty, I don't know how long that will go on, especially when I return to work next month. Feel free to ask questions and post comments if you like.

Thanks for taking the time to post that. I have had PRP a bunch and believe I’m going in for the surgery next month unless things make a drastic change for the better. I was really nervous, but you make it sound like I’ll survive. The thought of being awake while they stab tools into the bottom of my eyes makes me literally feel a little sick to my stomach…feel better!!!

I hope your getting around by now.

It’s 3.5 years since mine. I had some bleeding for 1.5 years after, but I’m good now. I’ve played ice hockey the last two years with no issues. There’s no signs of any retinopathy atm. My field of vision are about 70% left and 90% right. I’m still 20/20 in left and 15/20 in right. Still driving at night!

thank you so much for this! i have a vitrectomy scheduled for next week. I am so scared and have no idea what to expect. This has been very helpful!