Voice in my pump

Hello all,

I have noticed latly that whenever i press the light button of my pump it brings a strange sound. The pump is working well but should i be worried about this sound. Did it happen to any of you ?

Can any body try pressing the light button and put the pump beside thier ears to hear if there is a strange humming noise please !

I am using Medtronic Minimed 722.


Hey BEBO - Can’t say it’s anything I’ve ever heard of coming from my pumps (I’'ve used the Medtronic 522 and now using Animas 2020). I’d personally call up your rep or Medtronic and ask them - if no one else can come up with a better answer to your question.

I have the same pump and it does the same thing, and more pronounced if you hold the button down.

I have the same pump also. It does do exactly as you said. And as Mommy says, it is more pronounced when the button is held down. Hmmmm…

yep mine does it to same one as you

I had never noticed the ‘humming’ either until I started sleeping with the pump under my pillow. It came up with the usual ‘CHECK BG’ alarm with the backlight on. I could hear it through the pillow. During the day it is not so close to my head and there is also all the other background noise to stop you hearing it.

My meter does the same thing when the backlight is on so as others have said that little voice in the pump is quite normal.

I haven’t tried recording the ‘voice’ but am sure if we played it backwards it would say ‘Eat more chocolate, eat more chocolate!’

Yes…I never noticed before…But i have to put it up against my ear…I use an MM 722…Now that i know its there I am going to hear it all the time. ( you know like when a song is stuck in your head)…LOl

This is so strange! Mine does that too. But I have never noticed it (I guess I don’t hold my pump to my ear very often). I may have never noticed it.

I agree that it is not a problem!

Funny Dave… I had the 508 and clicked all the time… Like a time Bomb…

I just tried it with my 522 and didn’t hear anything put the now normal ringing that’s there all of the time.

Hey, Huh weird. I never noticed before. Just tried it and I hear the noise too. I’m sure it’s normal.

Thanks for this info Dave! I never was told this either!! I am currently using Rayovacs…did not notice a real difference in length of time of use…are there any other problems w/ using anything other than Duracells? Thanks again:)

lol:) “chocolate is my friend”

Remember this well:) I now have the 522 and often put my pump on my chest clipped to my night shirt and can hear/feel it as I dose off. Makes me feel better…that I know it is working:) I hated the “click” of the 508C though!! I used to always get comments…“what is that clicking noise!” I would chuckle and just say…“my bomb.”

LOL…yes, “dose” not doze off! Can tell I am post a low:)

Mine does too. I have the minimed 522. I never noticed this sound till now.

Wow! Seeing all the answers after my feeble one - glad someone could help out. I have to admit, I’ve tested out my Animas 2020 after reading about the “sound” - and it does it too with the back light on (I rarely use it as it drains the battery - so that’s why I never noticed it). I use a Lithium battery in my pump as well. Love the comment of the sound saying “eat chocolate”. That is priceless!

mine makes the same noise… it always has… nothing to worry about…