Voices in the Wilderness

Living in the UK we are lucky as the state pays for our medication when I say the state I mean you and me living here we contribute during our working life and medication and treatment is currently free at the point of need,I see from lots of friends on Tu private insurance is needed to pay fot treatment and this must result in some diabetics not getting the best available treatment so on top of having a life threatening problem the headache for finding money for treatment cannot be in any way acceptable in the modern age to be honest not acceptable in any age,when we can bail out Banks with billions of dollars/ponds how can it be acceptable to deny anyone treatment because they cannot afford it.

I take insulin,victoza and a myriad of other drugs for heart failure gout prostrate arthritis and depression so I really feel guilty hearing of others denied treatment and medication as there are millions of us worldwide not sure of the total numbers perhaps someone can fill me in we should have a really big voice to demand free medication and treatment for this beast of ours so where is it this forum is great but what we need is muscle voices in high places standing up for us,there are lots of organizations dealing with diabetes all shouting in the wind but imagine one voice as loud as a hurricane blasting in Politicians ears they would have to take notice.